Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8th

Warning: Naked baby on the loose!

Kayla was running around with her jammies in one hand and her diaper in the other after her bath=)

February 7th

I finished painting the kitchen tonight! It is very green... but it is growingon me. I also changed out all the hardware on the cabinets from the yucky gold rusting looking things they had to these cute brushed nickel ones.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 6th

Both Jeff and I had the day off. Jeff got the garage clean! I can actually open the door of my car. I started painting the kitchen since as previouly blogged Jeff put up the beadboard. Also the cable guy was here for like 5 hours trying to fix the TVs - he was hillarious and kept telling Jeff and I these wacky stories. If you thought Jeff talked a lot you should meet this guy. I bet he could have finished the job in 2 or 3 hours if he wasnt so chatty!

February 5th

Ahh Friday... Kayla and I went to story time at the library on N. Oak. She colored a frog this time and of course the stories were about frogs. She is probly the youngest baby there and is so well behaved for her age! Jeff is off work early tonight and I made tacos! The picture is Kayla taking each bib off her chair walking it over to us and wanting us to put it on her.. so we did. I think she got up to 9 before she ran out of bibs on the chair, LOL!

February 4th

Had the day off work! Got to give Kayla a bath tonight and she is doing relly well on brushing her teeth. She looks so grown up.

February 3rd

Jeff finally got my beadboard wall up!! YEAH! We had removed some cabinets from this wall and there was really no way to repair it so this was our fix. I know it looks like there is a huge seam there, but I fixed it with some clay stuff (dry wall mud or something) and you cant tell anymore. And in the background you can see the trashed living room from Kayla super-plaing that day.

February 2nd

Since my mom is gone Jeff is staying home on Tuesdays now to watch Kayla. This is what she learned... you can play guitar while riding turtle!

February 1st

Mommy and Me had a get to gether at Fun Run today. Sadie meet me up there with her girls and the kiddos got some energy out. The toddler room was closed so I was kind of upset, but Kayla made do with what ther was and had fun anyways.

January 30th

Well my parents are now in bright sunny Florida... and I had to go to work. Kayla didnt sleep well last night and when she woke up from her very short nap this moring she was still cranky and fell asleep sitting up on the couch =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

January 29th

Well I have been blog-slacking lately and havent posted in a few days. I have today off work and Kayla and I just messed around. My mom leaves for Florida tomorrow. We are going over there to get the luggage to start packing for us to go down there! and as always we went to Ranch Grande.

January 26th

Today is my birthday and I had to work. I have mostly already celebrated it with my parents and Jeff, but Sue at work bought pizza for my birthday! Like every Tuesday my mom came over to watch Kayla and it looks like they have been doing a lot of practicing on using a spoon.